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Influence scoring

In some previous posts, I discussed sentiment analysis. In this post I take social analytics one step further, looking at influence scoring or influence rating. We are all aware of what the term ‘influence’ means.  However, are we aware of what it means in a business or commerce sense and how ‘influence’ can make an …

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Soft ROI on BI

In a previous post I covered the “hard” ROI on BI initiatives. I discussed aspects that you can measure to determine the value that these initiatives directly contribute to the “bottom line” of the business. In this post I investigate the “softer” intangible contributions that BI can make, but these aspects are also much harder …

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Big O and Big Data

Last week I attended the Oracle Big Data and Extreme Analytics event in Melbourne. The packed audience was a good indication how relevant this topic is. Oracle illustrated and demonstrated the flow from unstructured data on Hadoop, through the Oracle NoSQL platform, integrated with structured data in their BI stack running on Exadata, to end …

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Implementing Sentiment Analysis

We live in a digital world where our access to information is unprecedented and our ability to shape or mould opinion is as easy as clicking a ‘like’ button. Imagine the  power inherent in that kind of online presence. Now imagine being able to harness that power…

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Big Data, BI and Advanced Analytics

Big data, which includes unstructured data and social media content, just keeps growing. Despite the complexities to store, manage, access and derive insight from this vast pool of information, businesses can gain great business value from it – so much that it can increase revenues and reduce costs significantly. This can be achieved by deploying …

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Sentiment Analysis

If an organisation can manage to overcome the business and technical challenges involved in understanding what the mass of openly communicating consumers are feeling out there, and then instantly react on the outcomes of that investigation, it can improve its revenues, reduce its risks, and positively influence the perceptions that those consumers are broadcasting out …

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