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This page contains links to good individual blog posts I’ve encountered. In other words – the best of the best!

Consistently good highly recommended blog sites are listed under “Links” on the right-hand side, slightly lower down.

Big Data

A very short history of Big Data, by Gill Press (Forbes)

Big Data, Welcome To Those Awkward Teenage Years, by Brian Hopkins (Forrester)

The seven people you need on your big data team, by Ian Thomas (Innovation Enterprise)

Why Data Lakes Require Semantics, by Jans Aasman (Information Management)

Business Analytics

Small Business: Analytics and Profitability, by  (Strat-Wise)

The Ultimate How-To Guide For Planning A Predictive Analytics Project, by Dan Steinberg  (Simply Salford)

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Roles and Team Composition by Paul Turley (SolidQ)

Big Data is All the Rage, But Dimensional Data Warehouses Get the Job Done by Aaron Fuller (Superior Data Strategies)

Data quality

Top reasons to implement a data quality solution, by Back Office Associates

Data science

8 Skills you need to be a Data Scientist, by Dave Holtz

A very short history of Data Science, by Gill Press (Forbes)

Data science and Analytics Demystified, by Kevin Gray (Pulse)

How to Become a Data Scientist for Free, by Zeeshan Usmani (Data Science Central)

The Data Science Delusion, by Anand Ramanathan (Data Science Central)

What is cognitive computing?, by Imanuel (PredictiveAnalyticsToday)

What is data science?, by Frank Lo (DataJobs)

Data science in Healthcare

More providers using analytics to reduce readmissions, by Maggie van Dyke (HealthDataManagement – requires login)

“Statisticians are like cogs in a bigger system”, an interview with Dr Ben Goldacre

Turning Data into Discovery, by Vicki Chandler (The Scientist)

When Health Care Gets a Healthy Dose of Data, by Michael Fitzgerald (MIT Sloan Review)

Data Visualisation

All Pie Graphs Are Wrong, by James Thorburn (Pulse)

Even Graphics Can Speak With a Foreign Accent, by Chiqui Esteban (National Geographic)

How to make Data Visualization Better by using Gestalt Laws, by Udhaya Padmanabhan, Shilpi Choudhury (Six Rivisions)

How To Build Compelling Stories From Your Data Sets, by Andrew Fogg (7wData)

The Visual Perception of Variation in Data Displays, by Stephen Few (Percepual edge)

When Telling Data-Driven Stories, Let Readers Ask Questions too, by Martha Kang (Mediashift)


The Five Dimensions of Leadership, by By Brigette Hyacinth (MBA Caribbean Organisation)

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