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Appliying agile approaches to business intelligence

Agile Information Architecture

In this blog post I cover the concept of an Agile Information Architecture. The terms “agile” and “architecture” in one phrase almost seem like a contradiction. So, here I unpack this term to clarify its meaning, ascertain its relevance within the broader field of BI, and to discuss a useful tool that can be utilised …

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Elaborate Architectures

In the Big Data field, because of the potentially large volumes of data, very streamlined architectures are being used. Sure Big Data sometimes participates in complex data warehouse ecosystems, but the real “Big Data” part has to be kept incredibly simple and efficient to be able to cope with the load. However, by comparison even …

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Big Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Summit

I have just returned from attending the 5th Annual Big Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Summit, organised by Enterprise IQ, held in Sydney on 27 – 29 November 2012.  I participated in two panel sessions, firstly as a panelist on doing business in the Big Data age, and secondly moderating the session on the architectures …

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BI Sponsorship

There are many routes to end up with a BI sponsorship in your lap. You could have inherited the sponsorship of a BI project from a predecessor. You could have been appointed to fill the position. You could have been “volunteered” by not necessarily well-meaning peers, or… you may have grabbed the BI sponsorship role …

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Revolutionising the Data Warehouse and Business Analytics

Last week I presented a paper on the Impact of Big Data on Data Warehousing at the ARK Group’s conference on Revolutionising the Data Warehouse and Business Analytics, which was held in Melbourne. In this post I give you my impressions of the conference highlights and share with you some of my insights.

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Dynamic Strategic Planning

The old “once a year break-away session” to do strategic planning, to drive an action plan and determine the key performance areas for the year does not work in today’s fast changing business environment anymore. Business have to be way more adaptable in setting, driving, implementing and managing strategies. Likewise BI has to be way …

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Prototyping for Agile BI

Prototyping reports and graphs interactively with business users is an excellent approach to get their requirements, and show them what can be provided. To do this you need to be well prepared and very skilled with the tool you are using.

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Combining Agile Prototyping and Data Warehousing

Agile BI is all about interactively prototyping the information requirements and information usage with the business users. You can deliver data as quickly as technically possible, but if you don’t workshop the information exploitation aspects interactively with the users, then you are not being agile. 

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Agile Data Warehousing

“Agile data warehousing” is a contradiction in terms. Very few activities are less agile than populating a 10 terabyte data warehouse…  However if you want to deliver information frequently and rapidly to the business, you have to speed up the ETL implementation.

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Dimensional Modeling for Agile BI

Using agile BI is a sure way to deliver useful information to the business fast enough to keep ahead of the rapid changes in the marketplace, but the data warehousing part has to fit into a carefully architected blueprint  to ensure the longevity and cost-effectiveness of the implementation.

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