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IoT and Analytics

It is widely accepted that the Internet of Things (IoT) relates to the concept of ‘widely connected hardware’. Its impact is vast, because any physical object, which has a sensor attached to it, can be turned into a digital data generating machine – rapidly producing more data than most organisations have the capability to report …

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IoT Analytics – the data is upon us

The Internet of Things (IoT) must be right up there on the hype-o-meter, together with big data. It refers to a growing network of everyday devices – beyond computers – any consumer or industrial device, which is connected and can share information and perform tasks, even when you are not around. And the IoT is …

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Using Analytics to Prevent Fraud in Healthcare

While fraud may be a concern for many busy business professionals and organisational decision makers today, the evidence suggests it is becoming more  prevalent in the healthcare industry. The amount of data that goes through healthcare systems on a daily basis is phenomenal. Applying advanced analytics to all that data can assist in combatting fraud. …

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