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In-memory data warehouses

In a previous post on in-memory databases I gave a high level overview of SAP HANA, Oracle TimesTen and IBM’s solidDB. In this post I discuss temperature-based memory management for data warehousing, as implemented in the Teradata Intelligent Memory release. Databases with a large in-memory capacity have an appeal for on-line transactional applications, as well …

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Using Analytics to Prevent Fraud in Healthcare

While fraud may be a concern for many busy business professionals and organisational decision makers today, the evidence suggests it is becoming more  prevalent in the healthcare industry. The amount of data that goes through healthcare systems on a daily basis is phenomenal. Applying advanced analytics to all that data can assist in combatting fraud. …

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In-Memory Databases

In this post I present a high-level review of three of the mainstream in-memory database management systems, namely Oracle’s TimesTen, IBM’s solidDB and SAP’s HANA. It is not a comprehensive feature-by-feature evaluation though. There are also other in-memory database systems out there (such as Altibase, Michael Stonebraker’s VoltDB and Microsoft’s IMDB) that are not covered …

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