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Real-Time Predictive Analytics

Applying predictive analytics to real-time data feeds should be done to not only make better business decisions faster, but also to optimise potential opportunities as they materialise, react quicker to possible threats and mitigate any potential risks within the broader business. However, implementing real-time advanced analytics requires a different approach and a different toolset.

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Data Quality in Real-Time BI

Data Quality is essential for Real-Time BI efficiency In my previous two blogs I focussed on the actions an organisation should take to implement and improve real-time BI. In this post I continue with the theme, focussing on the importance of data quality in the real-time BI environment and in the real-time BI processes. Data quality directly …

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Real-Time Analytics Team Training

Training your analytical team is a key enabler to achieving real-time BI Achieving real-time BI is a key objective for many businesses today, as this enables them to make better informed business decisions faster. In my previous post, I discussed the real-time value of Business Intelligence and in particular the recommendation to utilise the measure …

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Measuring Real-Time BI

As the business landscape becomes increasingly more complex, business decisions makers not only want to but also need to know more about their business, customers and competitors to compete effectively – and they need this information almost instantly. However, with an ever changing economic and technological environment, it is often difficult to forecast business prosperity …

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