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Disney World of Data

On the way to the TDWI conference, I recently took my children to Walt Disney World in Orlando. This is truly a world of wonders and they were blown away by the colossal fairytale castles, the life-sized characters, and the vastness of the many parks. They were simply astounded by the size and scope of …

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Dashboards On The Go

Today’s managers, decision makers and executives spend a majority of their time away from their desks, and it is these mobile workers who often need the most up-to-date information. Numerous enterprises are leveraging smartphone and tablet devices in line with BI practices to retrieve data to better support on-the-spot decision making, monitor operational processes and …

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Changing Role of the CIO w.r.t. BI

With the more technical aspects of IT taken over by the CTO, the role of the CIO has changed to focus only on the sourcing, provisioning and delivery of information as a strategic organizational resource. The BI competency is the primary group that he uses to implement this. However there are some technologies such as …

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Mobile BI at Sybase Summit

At the Sybase Summit I attended last week there were some really refreshing messages, of course around the SAP – Sybase – BusinessObjects acquisitions, but especially around mobility and mobile BI.

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