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The CIO’s role in Customer Analytics

Are CIOs paying enough attention to capitalise on customer analytics? Is the new digitised CIO driving the customer analytics initiative? Are they going about it in an appropriate way in order to get the required ROI?

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This post was inspired by a research report based on a survey of 254 CIOs worldwide, as published by Experian. The survey was titled “Dawn of the Chief Data Officer (CDO)” and it investigated why chief data officers (CDOs) are in such high demand – and how their roles might evolve within large enterprises worldwide. …

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The CIO as Innovator

In previous posts I examined how CIOs are expected to play more of a leadership role in the business, especially with regards to data and analytics. In this post, I explore how CIOs can make a bigger impact on the organisation, by embracing, furthering and implementing innovation.

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The CIO as Business Leader

How can the CIO bring the organisation to a new direction? There is no doubt that BI and analytics are making an impact across all industries, especially when we incorporate emerging technologies such as big data, in-memory analytics and so on. The dilemma lies not in deciding to implement it or not, but in getting …

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Visualisation to spark Collaboration

Since my initial post on data visualisation (http://www.martinsights.com/?p=492), I have noticed a steady increasing interest in the topic. This is especially noticeable in the business intelligence (BI) field, as more and more organisations are realising the value of using visualisation to positively affect their day-to-day interactions with data. In this post I focus on the …

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