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Tracking BI 2012

How is BI tracking against the predicted trends for 2012? I recently took some time out to think about what was predicted for the BI industry for 2012, and what the realities have been over the past 10 months. I always find it interesting to see just how accurate these predictions were, and of course, …

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Big O and Big Data

Last week I attended the Oracle Big Data and Extreme Analytics event in Melbourne. The packed audience was a good indication how relevant this topic is. Oracle illustrated and demonstrated the flow from unstructured data on Hadoop, through the Oracle NoSQL platform, integrated with structured data in their BI stack running on Exadata, to end …

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Changing of the Guard

Changing BI Architectures and Approaches  In today’s fast paced society everything is trying to be bigger and better. We have grown accustomed to a society where everything needs to be more advanced and developed.  This has resulted in an insatiable thirst for instant information. It is certainly no different in the business world and when …

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Changing Role of the CIO w.r.t. BI

With the more technical aspects of IT taken over by the CTO, the role of the CIO has changed to focus only on the sourcing, provisioning and delivery of information as a strategic organizational resource. The BI competency is the primary group that he uses to implement this. However there are some technologies such as …

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