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Examining the continually evolving data-related roles

In my quest to continuously learn more about data-related roles, I have recently come across two very interesting articles that suggest that data-related roles will be changing throughout the remainder of the year. These pieces share some great insight, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share my additional views and so in this, the …

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Information and Analytics – is it a business hinderance?

In the Business Intelligence (BI) world, as BI experts, we tend to understand and think about the value of information and analytics slightly differently to the rest of an organisation – given we have a passion for data and the value it holds.  We also understand information and analytics to be a competitive driver – …

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The business value of data analytics

For many organisations, it takes time to digest what data analytics is or whether it is worth investigating. As a BI consultant, this was interesting to watch as we understand that using technology to increase competitive advantage is nothing new – however the adoption of this technology is.  So, while perceptions around data analytics adoption …

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Driving value from business analytics

Business analytics lies at the intersection of four disciplines, namely business strategy, business analysis, business intelligence and advanced analytics. In order to provide value to the organisation, business analytics have to serve a purpose, deliver new insights, be actionable, and in some cases also be very dynamic. This post is a high level summary of …

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Big Data Categorised

In my previous post I criticised the 3Vs as a definition of Big Data, offered our own working description and presented “6VS” as a more encompassing characterisation. In this post I categorise the different types of Big Data to get to an explanation why there cannot be a single definition. Categorising the various types of …

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Big Data Defined?

Gartner identified ‘Strategic Big Data’ as one of the top strategic technology trends for 2013. Big Data is surely a hot topic at the moment, and it definitely has a role to play both as a value-adding technology to some organisations and as a business enabler in the broader BI industry. However I find that …

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