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Making Business Processes more Data-Centric

In previous posts I addressed a number of core areas that I believe are necessary to effectively build a successful data-centric business, with the underlying objective of improving customer-centricity. To recap quickly, these areas included the role of the CIO, the executive team, technology and more recently, how to get employees involved. In this post …

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Benefits of Data Visualisation

Data visualisation has become one of the most popular technologies today. Not only does it provide an organisation with the ability to visually present and analyse its information, but more importantly, it gives the organisation a new way of seeing and interacting with its data.

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Using Analytics to manage ROI

Although I have discussed analytics and ROI in previous posts, I remain passionate about this topic, especially as I watch analytics being used more and more to transform businesses and give them a stronger competitive advantage. Progressively organisations are realising the value that analytics actually can deliver, and the advantages it can really bring. So …

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Measuring the Business-Alignment of BI

A BI capability is one of the most business-critical IT-related resources of an organisation. The degree of the BI capability’s alignment to the organisation’s strategic objectives can be measured by applying BI to the deployment of BI itself.

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