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Uplifting BI Capability to Business Strategy

In this post, I’m looking at approaches to lift BI up from a mere enabling IT function to an enterprise strategic business function. This is an elaboration on discussions that were recorded in TDWI’s BI Journal, Vol 18 No 4 (http://tdwi.org/research/2013/12/business-intelligence-journal-vol-18-no-4.aspx), around aligning BI with business strategy. I have previously also published a post on …

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Prototyping for Agile BI

Prototyping reports and graphs interactively with business users is an excellent approach to get their requirements, and show them what can be provided. To do this you need to be well prepared and very skilled with the tool you are using.

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Measuring the Business-Alignment of BI

A BI capability is one of the most business-critical IT-related resources of an organisation. The degree of the BI capability’s alignment to the organisation’s strategic objectives can be measured by applying BI to the deployment of BI itself.

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