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Building BI into the Budget

There are a lot of presentations and publications around the glamourous areas of realising the value of BI, and measuring the value that BI delivers to the organisation in terms of outcomes affected by additional, quicker or more focussed insight. However not many focus on the slog work of getting the funding to get BI …

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The BI team

Creatures Regular readers of my blog may wonder who and what these little mascot creatures are… what they are doing and why? Each one is a very special individual with a very unique personality, and each one fulfills a unique role on our BI team. You can now actually read their biographies by clicking here. …

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Uplifting BI Capability to Business Strategy

In this post, I’m looking at approaches to lift BI up from a mere enabling IT function to an enterprise strategic business function. This is an elaboration on discussions that were recorded in TDWI’s BI Journal, Vol 18 No 4 (http://tdwi.org/research/2013/12/business-intelligence-journal-vol-18-no-4.aspx), around aligning BI with business strategy. I have previously also published a post on …

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