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Accidental Data Warehouse

In many organisations we find what is called the “accidental data warehouse”. Sometimes you may even find more than one such data store floating around. These data warehouses have typically grown organically and uncontrolled as the result of separate and uncoordinated BI development and implementation initiatives.

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Data Warehouse Appliance

A client recently asked me: “If I get an appliance, do I still need a data warehouse?” “No sir,” I replied, “kettles run on their own steam, unless you want to analyse the boil duration by the volume, the room pressure and the number of people waiting… then you need a data warehouse!” In this …

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Disney World of Data

On the way to the TDWI conference, I recently took my children to Walt Disney World in Orlando. This is truly a world of wonders and they were blown away by the colossal fairytale castles, the life-sized characters, and the vastness of the many parks. They were simply astounded by the size and scope of …

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Big O and Big Data

Last week I attended the Oracle Big Data and Extreme Analytics event in Melbourne. The packed audience was a good indication how relevant this topic is. Oracle illustrated and demonstrated the flow from unstructured data on Hadoop, through the Oracle NoSQL platform, integrated with structured data in their BI stack running on Exadata, to end …

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Changing of the Guard

Changing BI Architectures and Approaches  In today’s fast paced society everything is trying to be bigger and better. We have grown accustomed to a society where everything needs to be more advanced and developed.  This has resulted in an insatiable thirst for instant information. It is certainly no different in the business world and when …

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