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Data Lake vs Data Warehouse

In a previous post I gave a high level description and overview of the data lake. Informally speaking, from a BI point of view, a data lake is a large scaled-out all-encompassing free-for-all unstructured data staging area. In this post I take the discussion further to investigate whether it replaces or interacts with the data …

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Data Warehouse Design

A recent white paper from Embarcadero Technologies on the seven deadly sins of database design triggered me to write this post – as similar principles can be applied to dimensional data warehouse design. Some of the sins are vaguely similar to those encountered in relational data modelling, but the other sins are very different and …

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Implementing Self-Service BI

In a previous blog, I discussed how to make self-service BI more appealing to the users, given that it allows an organisation to access and work with corporate information without the IT department’s involvement. So following on, I now examine the aspects that need to be considered in order to implement self-service BI effectively. Getting …

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Making Self-Service BI useable

Making Self-Service BI more appealing for the User The topic of self–service Business Intelligence (BI) has been around for many years now, but has steadily continued to become more important as businesses have become more information driven and data volumes and information utilisation continues to grow. A measure of success for Self-Service BI is the …

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Analytics for Small Companies

Over the last few years, we have seen large organisations implement analytical technologies, like Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence (BI) and even Big Data Analytics, and we have seen some of them achieve the objective of a positive Return on Investment (ROI) on these initiatives. However, does the same reality apply to small to medium sized …

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Uplifting BI Capability to Business Strategy

In this post, I’m looking at approaches to lift BI up from a mere enabling IT function to an enterprise strategic business function. This is an elaboration on discussions that were recorded in TDWI’s BI Journal, Vol 18 No 4 (, around aligning BI with business strategy. I have previously also published a post on …

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SAP APJ FKOM 2014 – Feedback

I recently attended the 2014 SAP APJ (Asia-Pacific-Japan) Field Kick-Off conference in Singapore. It is an annual regional event held by SAP to kick-start the year for sales staff and partner channels combined. Other similar regional events are held in China (recently split off from APJ), Europe and the Americas. It is very interesting how …

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BI tools

As this is my last blog post for the year, I thought it would be fitting to explore how the Business Intelligence (BI) landscape has changed over the years, especially regarding toolsets. Having worked in the BI sector for numerous years – in the last five years the BI toolset landscape has not only expanded, …

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In-memory data warehouses

In a previous post on in-memory databases I gave a high level overview of SAP HANA, Oracle TimesTen and IBM’s solidDB. In this post I discuss temperature-based memory management for data warehousing, as implemented in the Teradata Intelligent Memory release. Databases with a large in-memory capacity have an appeal for on-line transactional applications, as well …

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Data Warehouse Appliance

A client recently asked me: “If I get an appliance, do I still need a data warehouse?” “No sir,” I replied, “kettles run on their own steam, unless you want to analyse the boil duration by the volume, the room pressure and the number of people waiting… then you need a data warehouse!” In this …

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