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To AI or not to AI – understanding the business case to see the benefits

Having not addressed the topic of AI in some time now, though in recently doing some research around AI, I came across a very relevant and interesting article. Naturally, my mind starting working overtime wading through my thoughts and opinions here, and so I decided to put them to paper and share some of my …

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Focus on the right trends for data success

In this post I want to highlight my personal views on some of the key areas that were highlighted by actual BI practitioners in response to the trends forecasted for 2020. Hopefully it will support other people in truly breaking through the clutter that the “trends jargon” can sometimes create, to get a better feel …

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Non-technical skills required by a data scientist

 If we had to name one technology related aspect, over and above Artificial Intelligence (AI) of course, that has seen the industry abuzz with excitement and progression, I am sure that like me, for many of you the term Data Scientist comes to mind. However, in addition to all the analytical and statistical skills, a …

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It all comes back to Data Quality – part I

Data quality is a topic I have touched on a few times in the past, and so it will come as no surprise to you that I am focusing on this critical component of data, once again. While it was not initially my intention to discuss data quality for this monthly post, I simply could …

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